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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

I am convinced that art is a relationship and not a commodity. This effects my decisions, motivations, output and income.

My art practice is permeated by words and text. I consider these as ephemeral or temporal forms of communication. I see words and language as propositions to explore the process by which a thought, idea, image or space is made visible and how artists connect to an audience.

I realize my artistic practice as both a maker and curator through mutli-media formats and by programming experimental galleries Nomas* Projects and Sharing Not Hoarding. In questioning the role of the artist and the gallery in society, the physicality of four office windows or street hoardings as exhibiting spaces provide an opportunity to consider new models of art practice outside of the white cube. My curatorial intention is to provide appropriate spaces in which artworks and public engagement generate a positive encounter and how through artworks and conversation it becomes possible to share together in the process and learn from shared observations.

My artistic explorations are rooted in a theological framework. Taking into account aspects of culture and art, this outlook aids my response to basic human questions of worth, value, language and communication and help me consider life, reality, the artists' role in society, and seeing in new ways. More specifically my research explores changes in the historic relationship between the Church and the arts as communities and investigates how they can be better connected and if a lost conversation between them may be recovered. As someone caught in and between these two worlds my observations of similarities and tensions between the contrasting approaches to understanding humanity provide dynamic counterpoint as a platform for ideas and progress.